Opening Reception: April 28, 6-9pm
April 28 - May 22, 2016
312 Bowery

The Hole is proud to announce the second solo exhibition at the gallery by JIM JOE. In this show the artist will present over twenty small text paintings and one very large painting. This is the first time the artist, known originally for his perplexing phrases spray painted on the street, will exhibit text-driven works in the gallery. 

For the show, the artist submitted a group of text paintings to a professional and anonymous handwriting analyst for review. The analyst provided this personality assessment, and also analyzed a drawing JIM JOE made when asked to draw "a person in the rain with an umbrella". Looking at anonymity and persona, poetry in the private and public, this show may or may not give us insight into who JIM JOE "really is":
Personality Assessment 

This individual is original, unique and unconventional.
Logic dominates and clarity is very important to him. He tends to go for the essentials. He’s good at paying attention to details. He is patient and deliberate.
He is the “thinking” type: driven by logic rather than emotions. He believes in things that can be validated logically.
He tends to be an objective observer and a good listener.
Clear communication is a priority, contradicted by a strong need for privacy.

He’s not ego driven and getting attention is not a priority. He prefers solitude, which may be critical for his work. He has a desire to hide his true feelings and his identity. He is not spontaneous.
He has an issue with trust which keeps him isolated.
He is detached from his feelings.

He is an introvert who avoids conflict and fuzzy boundaries.

He tends to be overly cautious in decision making as well as in his personal interaction.

His strength is in resistance rather than in active willpower. Consequently, he will persist obstinately in a belief and cling to his opinions.

There are strong indications of depression. He fights against the depression, but does not always succeed. The struggle is between a strong desire to be in control and the feeling of sadness that pulls him down. This struggle may actually be a cause of stress.

He tends to be passive rather than aggressive.

In summary, characteristics frequently associated with this personality type:
Cool onlooker - quiet, observing and analyzing life with detached curiosity usually interested in cause and effect, how and why mechanical things work and in organizing facts using logical principles.


This personality assessment is based on the sample submitted which seems to be unnatural, a “persona” writing. It only reflects one side of the writer’s personality; in order to provide a complete analysis we need to work on his natural handwriting and signature.